Looking to protect you and your family against events that could fundamentally change your life?

At Wealth Ways, we help guide you, to smooth out the bumps in the road, for a future that brings financial security and independence.

As well as helping you achieve a comfortable and secure Retirement, at Wealth Ways, we pride ourselves in helping people with multiple aspects of planning and protecting their lives.

What if you Die?

Horrible thought, but it happens, and it’s better for you and your family to be prepared than to live with financial consequences. Could your family live comfortably on one income? 

What if you get Sick?

Having a Serious Illness can lead to significant additional expenses, even if you have medical cover? For example, expensive home alterations can be a common need after some serious illnesses. 

What if you can't work?

Not being able to work due to injury or illness can significantly impact a household. Would Social Welfare payments be sufficient to cover the rent / mortgage and other expenses?

What about Retirement?

Naturally enough, the cost of Retirement depends on the lifestyle you foresee. Some expenses, like mortgages are gone, but others like medical bills / healthcare will increase.

Are you prepared for future expenses?

From Cars to Children’s education and weddings, there are likely to be a number of big expenses in your future. Whether you’re a saver and investor, or neither, we can help you model and plan your future cash flow.

Our solutions are there to help families, individuals, business owners and companies achieve security now and into the future. Whether it’s protecting what you have, or preparing for the future you want, Wealth Ways will help guide the way.

We’re here to help!

Our goal is to help you achieve yours. Whether it’s protecting your family from the unexpected, helping you plan for your children’s future education costs, or preparing you for retirement. We look to the future and help you navigate a path with a clear financial plan in mind.

To do this effectively, our starting point is listening. Let’s start the conversation with a no obligation friendly chat.


Our Customers

“Tom was just amazing to speak with. Being close in age to myself, we’re both going through similar stages in life, and its clear he understands my needs and circumstances. I catch up with Tom now every 6 months to make sure I’m still on track”

James Westport


“I just wanted to say thanks! I’ve recently been through a tough time with an illness and had some significant costs to add a ramp to my front door and other house alterations. I was on the fence when it came to Illness cover, but I’m glad I listened to your advice and recently received a payout of €70,000 which has covered all these unexpected expenses – Thank You”

Mary – Castlebar

“Hi Tom – If someone had told me 10 years ago that I could almost double my money overnight by putting it into a Pension, I would have bitten their hand off. I’m SOO glad I didn’t have to wait another 10 years and I finally got to speak to you about the tax benefits etc. A year on, I’m well and truly on my way to a secure pension – Thank you Tom!!”

Gav – Newport

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Planning for the unexpected to ensure you and your family are financially comfortable is what we do.  The first step is a quick conversation to understand your circumstances and what you'd like for you or your family if something unexpected happened.

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